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EMTECH Instruments FZC has been established in SAIF Zone, Sharjah in 2008. The company is specialized in supply and installation of fuel handling system equipments. The company is capable of carrying out turnkey fuel handling systems as per client requirement. Our specialized products are as follows;

  • Fuel Storage Tanks: Single/Double wall, UL Listed / Locally Fabricated
  • Fuel Transfer pumps: Viking - USA / Blackmer - USA / Red Jacket - USA
  • Float switches: Uehling - USA / Fozmula - UK
  • Fuel contents gauges: Afriso Eurogauge - UK
  • Overfill alarm systems: Afriso Eurogauge - UK
  • Solenoid valves: Jefferson - USA / Parker - Italy / ASCO - USA
  • Level Transmitters: E&H - Germany
  • Fuel strainers / filters: Mueller - USA / Kraissl - USA / Eaton - USA
  • Leak detection systems: Afriso Eurogauge - UK / Pneumercator - USA / Permalert - USA
  • Fire valves: Landonkingsway - UK
  • Fill point cabinets: Locally Fabricated - UAE / Landonkingsway - UK
  • Fuel piping (single and double wall): Locally Fabricated - UAE / Double Wall Permapipe - USA

We supply many other items required for fuel handling system apart from the above mentioned equipments. The equipments can be supplied in order to meet individual need of client.

EMTECH services include successful installation, testing and commissioning of Fuel Handling System equipments. Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive knowledge makes EMTECH the ideal choice for any requirement related to Fuel Handling Systems.



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